Sunday, 1 November 2009

I'll love you tonight, if your lipgloss stays bright...

Before Punk, there were The Sadista Sisters. I don't know why I bought this album in 1976, but I have loved it from then until now. The Sisters (Teresa D'Abreu, Jude Alderson, Linda Marlowe and Jacky Taylor)) had a stage show. It seems to have been pretty feminist and radical for the day. Tracks like "Baby Doll" and "Decadent Taint" still sound fantastic. I recently manged to contact Judith Alderson, who said there is a possibility of the show being revived. Wow! I'll be there in the front row singing along. Sadly, she also told me that Teresa D'Abreu died too young. I was so sorry to hear this, but her voice lives on in vinyl.
Long live The Sadista Sisters!


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